About Us

Fur The Love Of Animals is a no kill shelter that runs out of the Orlando / Kissimmee, Florida area. We primarily focus on socializing stray feral cats and kittens. While we do believe in TNRing, our prefered approach is to try to get them socialized and into a forever home. See Who We Are for more information.

Friday, August 8, 2014


We have some very sick kittens who need a lot of medical attention. Our funds are getting low and we have many other cats that need help. These particular kittens come from 2 separate litters and both are the only ones who survived of their litter. When their mothers were brought into our rescue they were extremely malnourished and had been feeding these kittens when they barely had any milk to give. Now the kittens are underweight and their immune system is so weak they have become very sick. We supplement feed them, but it is very expensive. EVERY HOUR they have to have no less than: 1cc Nutri-cal ($11.99, and we go through 1 bottle every 2 days), nothing less than 10cc mixture of formula, kitten wet food, pedialyt and Nutrical the formula is $24.99 and the wet food is $3 a day. They are also on medicine which we need more of soon and may not have the funds for. They have 2 separate eye drops one costs us $20.00 for one and $25.00 for the other, Clavamox $20.00 and $50.00 for the dewormer since the one they have been on has not been strong enough. We have kind-hearted volunteers and workers all who not only work for free but have been helping us to pay for these items. They are not able to do this for much longer so we are really hoping we can get some donations in! Please find it in your hearts, even $1 dollar is helpful! Please help us save Sally and Sly! Our donation site is at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/fur-the-love-of-animals/102084. 
We are so thankful to our donators! You take a huge part in saving lives!